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Military exterior light

AvioTech has provided interior and exterior military lights for demanding applications.

AvioTech manufactures a full and comprehensive line of military lights including interior, exterior and military service related accessories. Established in 1983, AvioTech’s line of heavy duty military lighting equipment has been a popular choice with the federal government and heavy industry for over ten years and continues to be a popular and growing choice for use in applications requiring equipment capable of performing reliably under extreme conditions.

AvioTech’s military lights are part of ASF shelters and Command and Control Centers deployed in military theatres throughout the world. Thousands of fixed and removable military lights have been furnished for defense applications. The interior military lights model numbers are 5-4-2954, 5-4-4679, 17-2-1993-1, 17-2-1993-2. Exterior military lights are model numbers 5-4-2974-1 and 5-4-2974-2.

AvioTech had developed a LED version of interior military lights offering similar lumen output at dramatic operational savings.

Contact us for all your military lights / military lighting needs. Pricing and additional specs available upon request.