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Military Hardware

Military hardware

AvioTech has provided military hardware for mobile and stationary platforms in the most demanding applications.

Military Hardware is a broad category that includes adjusters, cable ties, cables, carabiners, clasps, connectors, couplers, D-rings, electronics, equipment storage, eyebolts, eye nuts, eyelets, grommets, handles, hinges, hooks, knobs, ladders, lighting, loops, pins, quick releases, rings, rivets, rubber products, seals, shafts, slings, gaskets, spacers, steps, swivels, terminals, vents and washers. Platforms on which AvioTech has supplied military hardware include:

  • Army Standard Family Shelter (“ASF”)
  • Expandable Shelter Container (“ESC”) deployed in Bahrain and Qatar
  • Aircraft hangers
  • Temporary Tents
  • California Shelter Systems (“CAMSS”)
  • F5 Radomes
  • F18 Radomes
  • Modular Expandable Rigid Wall Shelter (“MERWS”)
  • M1087 Expandable Van
  • M1079
  • Light Mobile Shelter (“LMS”)
  • TPS-77 Portable Radar Platform
  • Guard Shacks
  • S-530 Electronics Shelter
  • S-250 Shelter
  • S-280 Shelter

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