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Since 1983, AvioTech has combined manufacturing, product development and sourcing expertise to service and excel in a demanding military/defense marketplace. This combination of product development, manufacturing and sourcing has allowed AvioTech to participate with its customers in an international marketplace. The following is a proud summary of some of the Platforms we support:

Dyn-Corp Projects

ESC – Expandable Shelter Container
Most of this product was administered out of Bahrain or Qatar.
Light fixtures
Cable assemblies
Electrical components
Strap assemblies

Aircraft Hanger
Same as above

Temper Tents
Cable assemblies
Light fixtures

CAMSS – California Shelter Systems
All spares to support this fabric covered shelters.

Northrop Grumman

ASF – Army Standard Family shelter
MERWS – Modular Expandable Rigid Wall Shelter
3rd Army ARCENT
Northrop in Huntsville.
3rd Army in Atlanta at Ft Gillem and Ft McPherson.
We designed, manufactured, and installed the rain covers for the entire system.
We manufactured and installed many spare parts for this system including:
Safe system
Floor racks
G6 shelter divider walls
Cable entry boots
Shelter repairs

M1087 Expandable Van
3rd Army ARCENT
Huntsville operations
We were contracted to modify a shelter by manufacturing and installing a second communications panel.
We also upgraded the electrical power of the shelter from 60A to 100A.

LMS – Light Mobile Shelter
Through AAR
We manufactured the:
PDU – power distribution unit.
Communications panel
Rear access ladder

Lockheed Martin

TPS-77 Portable Radar Platform
Through Demmer
Azimuth Drive Control Enclosure
PDU – power distribution unit.
Sand Pad assemblies
Buzzer assembly
Cable assemblies – control and power
Hydraulic lines
Electrical components


Guard Shack Program
Through Demmer
Provided design for electrical system.
Manufactured electrical system for 200+ units:
Power input plug and panel
Power distribution panel
Interior cable management
Light Fixtures
Outlets and other terminations
Ground system


Provided all of the Dyn-Corp items over $3,000 through SAIC


FMTV M1087 & M1079 Programs
Through AAR
Provide 50+ items on M1087
Provide 20+ items on M1079
Machined goods and electrical components.

FMTV M1087
Direct to Oshkosh Specialty Vehicle – Calumet, IL
Provided 80+ manufactured parts for a Prototype build.
Provided many fasteners and component parts.
Production Products

S-530 Electronics Shelter
Provided many electrical components
Provided core material for bonded panels
Provided hardware and fasteners


S-530 Electronics Shelter
Provided hardware and fasteners
Provided many electrical components
Provided light fixtures
Have full drawing package

S-250 & S-280 Shelters
Provided hardware and fasteners
Provided electrical components
Have full drawing package

Other programs
Navair – 20ft ISO shelters
GP – General Purpose Shelter

General Dynamics – ATP (Armament and Technical Products)

ASF – Army Standard Family shelter
Currently providing:
Interior light fixtures
Exterior light fixtures
Jack extensions
Pillow block
Ground wires
Bug screen
Air Filters

F5 & F18 Radomes
Pitot tube components
Ground jumpers
Shear pins