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Military Cable & Wire Products

Military flex cabling

AvioTech has provided a variety of Military Cable and Wire Products for mobile and stationary requirements throughout the world.

Avio-Tech is a privately-owned defense contract manufacturer of custom military cables and electronic wire harnesses for military, defense and industrial applications including:

  • Advanced radar units
  • Command and control systems
  • Ground combat vehicles
  • Ground Support Vehicles
  • Power Distribution
  • Shelters
  • Unmanned vehicles

Avio-Tech can provide Military Cable and Wire components or complete assemblies which may include:

  • Wire harnesses
  • Power Distribution Units
  • Power Cables
  • Mil spec connectors
  • Control Panels

Platforms on which Avio-Tech has provided Military Cable and Wire products include:

  • Army Standard Family Shelter (“ASF”)
  • Expandable Shelter Container (“ESC”) deployed in Bahrain and Quatar
  • Aircraft hangers
  • Temporary Tents
  • California Shelter Systems (“CAMSS”)
  • Army Standard Family Shelter (“ASF”)
  • F5 Radomes
  • F18 Radomes
  • Modular Expandable Rigid Wall Shelter (“MERWS”)
  • M1087 Expandable Van
  • M1079
  • Light Mobile Shelter (“LMS”)
  • TPS-77 Portable Radar Platform
  • Guard Shacks
  • S-530 Electronics Shelter
  • S-250 Shelter
  • S-280 Shelter