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About Us

Since 1983, AvioTech has been a military / defense / industrial contract manufacturer that uses its product development and sourcing expertise to service and excel in demanding industries. This combination of product development, manufacturing and sourcing has allowed AvioTech to participate and succeed with its customers in a competitive international marketplace.

The complex and diverse products and components supplied require innovative procedures combined with considerable experience. AvioTech brings expertise, creative thinking and a value added proposition to satisfy customer needs in a highly competitive market.

AvioTech’s Corporate Vision:

  • We will be the preferred supplier of quality products to our customers.
  • We will continue to grow profitably by meeting and exceeding customer expectations through providing the highest quality products and services.
  • We will be recognized for mutual trust by our customers, suppliers and employees.

AvioTech’s value proposition is based on its ability to deliver on-time diverse and unique manufactured goods that can seldom be single sourced. When a Government contracted builder of shelters sought an alternative to commercially available interior lights, AvioTech provided the durable solution through an innovative product development process. When a sub-contractor to a Defense Prime contractor was looking to fulfill a compressed delivery schedule for a Power Distribution Unit (PDU) for mobile radar systems, AvioTech met the challenge. When a Military OE manufacturer sought a supplier to adhere mil spec Neoprene gaskets to tens of thousands of armor plate washers utilizing a mil spec glue, AvioTech proved to be the most responsive.

Looking for an agile and responsive manufacturer of diverse military and industrial products?

AvioTech is situated close to raw material suppliers and related services, permitting freight cost and shipment times lower than many competitors. With the demand for specialty raw materials and selective metal plating requirements, this is an important advantage. We pass these savings on to our customers while serving the rigorous requirements of our customers’ industries. To request additional information, please contact us.

Located near Muskegon, Michigan, AvioTech is a leading source of Military fasteners, hardware, jacks, lights, cable & wire products, gaskets, rubber products, flooring, air duct grilles, and a vast array of shelter parts. AvioTech believes its diverse product offering and responsive service is unique.

Our customers are quality-driven OEMs and tier one suppliers who appreciate how well we respond to demanding military and commercial specifications.

In a recent survey, our customers told us their favorite thing about Avio-Tech is that we are responsive, supportive, reliable and easy to work with, as well as the fact that we provide a quality product on time.

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